Newsletter Femme au Fone - 4th Edition

June 2015


This Newsletter is full of news and analysis on women's security in South Kivu, DRC, in the region of Great Lakes. We present a Congolese campaign that advocates for the return of the quota system for women in political parties; the latest quarterly-report produced by FAF; an article about the increasing number of rapes to control land rich in gold; and a special collaboration from Colombia.


From South and North Kivu comes the Congolese campaign: Nothing without women! Rien sans les femmes! in order to demand more female voters and women elected. This campaign collected 207.315 signatures, and it delivered them to the National Assembly. You can read everything about this campaign and the changes in the electoral law in the article written by Eliane Polepole, Femme au Fone's journalist Elections in the DR of Congo: Women take part despite everything


Trimestral Report produced by FAF 

The law against sexual violence and its application in South Kivu is an insufficient step forward to address sexual violence. This is an analysis of the information received by FAF between June and August 2014. It includes the case of sexual violations against girls in the Kavumu sector, a crime that has shocked the province in the past year. Law against sexual violence and its enforcement in South Kivu is a report written by Yvette Mushigo.


Testimony:  FIZI searching for gold and crimes against women  

"Our father died two years ago and my mother inherited a large area of land. However, a crew of men looking for minerals was very close by, in the Kasonge River. Step by step, they were digging and coming closer to our plot of land", a woman tells to FAF while seated at the Territory Administrator office in Fizi. With dishevelled hair, torn dress and a one-year old-breast-feeding, the woman seems helpless. She cultivates oil palm, and this activity enables her to keep feeding her family. FIZI searching for gold and crimes against women is an article written by Raïssa KASONGO, FAF journalist.


Indispensable information on security in the RD Congo

Essential information about security in Congo. The attack on the Twin Towers perpetrated on 11 September 2001 overturned the idea of human security promoted by the PNUD that placed the people, instead of the states, at the centre. This review by Luz Piedad Caicedo, researcher at Humanas Corporation, Colombia, analyses the latest report by FAF on women's security in the DR Congo. 



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