Newsletter Femme au Fone - 3rd Edition

February 2015


The first Femme au Fone Newsletter 2015 offer articles and multimedia approaches that explain the work and activities done by the FAF team based in Bukavu, South Kivu province, East of DR of Congo.

  • Analyse: Women´s security in East Congo. In this report South Kivu women explain us that the most dangerous places for theirsecurity are the following: the school, the water source, the market and their own house. This is one of the main conclusions presented by the FAF report Women´s security in East Congo- a detailed analysisof more than 1500 SMS received and more than 90 interviews conducted in the province.
  • Debate/Discussion: RuziziPlain River. FAF devotesa radio program to a frequent problem in this region, which is origin of ancient and on-going violence: the disputes between the ranchers and the farmers. This article summarises the radio debate between the main actorsin this historical conflict.
  • Testimony: An exemplary life. - Alphonsine Kamadu, North Kivu leader, tells us about her personal story, an exceptional example of struggle against gender prejudices. A woman that puts his husband as a means of saying publicly and loudly: Men can also fight for gender equality!
  • Multimedia: Security of women campaign. FAF has join La Benevolencija to produce a campaign of 8 radio podcasts/advertisements about what security means for women: awareness and information through radio theatre emissions.

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Echo's of women's security Femme au Fone: one year in South Kivu

Executive Summary


Trapped by an ancient tradition

Cattle and land at the heart of insecurity affecting women farmers in South Kivu.


"They teach us to wait for a husband who will resolve everything. Mistake!"

"Life is a great story full of small stories..." says Alphonsine Kamadu, a woman who is a local leader of Butembo, a village in North Kivu, bordering with Uganda. She has been a widow for 11 years and tells us about her life lessons in independence, freedom of choice and equality.


FAF spots

From theatre, storytelling and other practises, FAF has produced 8 podcasts about women´s rights.



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