Newsletter Femme au Fone - First Edition

March 2014


Femme au Fone (FAF)´s Newsletter is born quarterly. A communication and lobby Project where women from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) oversee Resolution 1325´s application in South Kivu.

In this first issue, coproduced between FAF´s team and LolaMora Producciones, you will find more information about FAF and the diverse realities told by women from South Kivu:

  • We tell you what Femme au Fone is about
  • Challenges for an effective implementation of Resolution 1325 in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • A testimony of a women accused of sorcery, an excuse for the use of violence and discrimination against DRC women

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Femme au Fone

Woman on the Phone: Denunciation, information and political advocacy

Telecommunications devices are very useful tools for overcoming geographical distances; they can also act as early warning systems concerning the threats faced by the local populations. Without tools like these, such threats can neither be communicated nor responded to.


Women Accused of Sorcery, an Excuse for the Use of Violence and Discrimination

"I have been abused by members of my family, they made me go through atrocities after accusing me of being a witch"

In Kivu South, a province on the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, women are victims of sorcery accusations. Many messages received by the Femme au Fone (FAF) system relate to cases of women accused of sorcery and to abuses in the community through so-called popular justice.


Update on the State of the Implementation of Resolution 1325 in the DRC

The UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1325 by consensus in 2000; this was welcomed by grassroots women's organisations that had been working on peace and security issues long before the Resolution's approval.