FAF: two years on air

On the 11th of July, Femme au Fome celebrated its second anniversary with an "open doors" day, a photograph exposition and an exhibition of multimedia materials produced by FAF over the past two years. Members of national and international organisations, as well as civil and military authorities visited us all-day-long. They had the chance to talk with the FAF team about women's security at South Kivu, in a relaxed, open and friendly atmosphere.

Here you can see some photos of the event.


Images: Femme au Fone keeps moving forward.


Femme au Fone

Woman on the Phone: Denunciation, information and political advocacy

Telecommunications devices are very useful tools for overcoming geographical distances; they can also act as early warning systems concerning the threats faced by the local populations. Without tools like these, such threats can neither be communicated nor responded to.